Czech Republic

    Gender pay gap rules in detail

    There is no specific reporting obligation in relation to gender pay differences.

    However, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs asks some employers (randomly chosen) for information about the remuneration of their employees. Information about gender is also required. Based on these data, the Ministry and the Czech Statistical Office regularly prepare gender pay gap statistics.

    Further, employers must inform the trade unions of any measures they take to secure the equal treatment of male and female employees and prevent discrimination.

    In October 2019 the Government approved the ‘Action Plan for equality between women and men 2019-2020’, one of the aims of which is to develop a comprehensive proposal for measures to address the gender pay gap. From November 2019 people can use a payroll calculator (by Logib) where companies can test their fairness and equality in remuneration and employees can see if their wages are fair. This tool is administered by the Ministry of Labour.

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    Author: Randl Partners 

    Date: July 2020