Gender pay gap rules in detail

    There is no specific reporting obligation in relation to gender pay differences at the moment.

    However, there is a legislative proposal for an Equal Payment (Men and Women) Act. We expect that this will come into force within the few next years. There is a lot of public and governmental attention on discrimination in the labour market, including the gender pay gap. In June 2018, the Ministry of Social Affairs presented the ‘Action Plan Labour Market Discrimination 2018-2021’, one of the aims of which is to develop the legislative proposal.

    The proposal contains a provision by which companies that have a statutory obligation to publish an annual report will be obliged to report in it on differences in pay between men and women, with regard to all aspects of remuneration. The companies will be obliged to inform the works council at least once a year on the differences in pay between men and women in similar positions.

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    Author: Bronsgeest Deur

    Date: January 2020