Gender pay gap rules in detail

    All companies with employees must send an annual report (The Social Report) in April each year to the Labour Inspection Authority, giving information on pay grades divided by gender, amongst other information. As of 21 February 2019, there is an obligation under Law no. 60/2018, to report gender pay differences in the Social Report. If the Labour Authority finds possible discriminatory pay differences in the Report, it will require employers to present a plan to assess these within 120 days. The plan must be based on objective criteria and must be implemented by the employer for a period of 12 months. Then the employer must communicate the results to the Labour Authority, including (i) the gender pay differences that are set to continue (as they are not discriminatory); and (ii) that it has eliminated any discriminatory differences. 

    If the employer fails to comply with these measures, administrative fines may be imposed.

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    Author: pbbr

    Date: July 2020