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Peru has introduced new legal obligations for employers in relation to making reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in the workplace.  



On 21 July 2019, a Decree amending the law on provision for individuals with disabilities was published in the Peruvian Official Gazette ‘El Peruano’, (Supreme Decree No 013-2019-MIMP amending the Regulations of Law No 29973, General Law on Persons with Disabilities, approved by Supreme Decree No 002-2014-MIMP). In relation to employment-related matters, it contains the following provisions.  


The Decree introduces a requirement to make reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in the workplace, which includes a requirement to ensure the adequacy of evaluation methodologies relating to disability, procedures and tools and interview methods. 


Employers must make reasonable modifications in the workplace to allow access for individuals with disabilities. This means modifications must be made to allow individuals with disabilities to access, work in, or move around the various parts of the work environment. Employers must make any necessary modifications to work tools, machinery and the work environment, including changes to the physical space or provision of technical aids; as well as making adjustments in work organisation and schedules. 


The procedure to obtain a disability certificate has also been amended. 

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