Selection order for dismissals and layoffs in detail

Either the general procedure prescribed by law or the procedure specified in the employee’s employment contract is followed in respect of dismissal, depending on the applicable grounds.

The employer must give written notice of the dismissal to the employee no later than two months before it takes place. Payment of compensation of two months’ average salary, may be made in lieu of notice on agreement between the employer and employee. 

Employees who have higher productivity and qualifications have a preferential right to remain at work if staff reductions are made for economic reasons.

Where productivity and qualifications are at the same level, priority is given to victims of and participants in the Chernobyl accident, employees with disabilities, family members of servicemen killed on duty and combat veterans.

The dismissal of pregnant women, women with children under three, or single mothers with children aged from 3 to 14 years old (or disabled children up to 18 years old) is also prohibited.

Dismissal of employees under 18 is permitted only with the consent of the Commission for Juvenile Affairs in the city or district.

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Author: COBALT

Date: July 2019