The rules on severance pay in detail

Statutory severance is paid to employees in Belarus as follows:

Not less than two-weeks’ average salary if:

  • the employee refuses to transfer to another work location;
  • the employee refuses to work either because of changes to the essential working conditions or because of a reorganisation of the company;
  • the employee is unable to work consistently because of poor health or is unable to do the job;
  • someone who was previously doing the job is reinstated;
  • the employment contract is terminated because of a breach of labour law and the employment contract by the employer                                             

Not less than three times the average salary if:

  • there is a change to company ownership (i.e. the head of the company, his or her deputies and chief accountant);
  • liquidation of the company;
  • staff reduction.

The calculation is made as follows:

Severance pay is calculated based on the average salary paid in the two calendar months prior to the month of the dismissal, but it depends also on working conditions in the pay period. Incentive and compensatory pay is included in the average salary calculation.

Two-weeks’ average salary severance pay is determined based on the average daily (or hourly) wage x full working hours for two weeks (i.e. 80 hours).

Note that part-time employees who hold more than one job) are not paid severance pay. Part-time employees are entitled to severance pay if they do not have any other jobs.

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Author: COBALT Belarus

Date: December 2018