Social security contributions in detail

The Finnish social security system includes health insurance, unemployment insurance, and pension insurance, which are paid by contributions from both the employer and the employee. It also includes mandatory group life insurance and occupational accident and disease insurance, which are paid solely by the employer.  

Employer's Social Security Contributions

Health insurance contribution


Unemployment insurance contribution

0.45%, if paid wages do not exceed €2,125,500 in a year.

1.70%, if paid wages exceed €2,125,500 in a year

Pension insurance contribution (average rate)


Group life insurance contribution (average rate)


Occupational accident and disease insurance contribution (average rate)



Employee's Social Security Contributions

Pension insurance contribution

7.15% (for employees aged 17 to 52)

8.65% (for employees aged 53 to 62)

7.15% (for employees aged  63 to 67)

Unemployment insurance contribution


Health care contribution


Daily allowance contribution


0.00% for income of less than € 14,574

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Author: Dittmar & Indrenius

Date: April 2020

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