Social security contributions in detail

Under Peruvian law, the Peruvian Social Security Institute (‘EsSalud’) is responsible for certain health services. The employer contributes the equivalent of 9% of the employee’s monthly salary to this system.

Further, the law allows the provision of medical services by the private sector through business health services (‘Empresas Prestadoras de Salud’ or ‘EPS’).

The law establishes that, where employees transfer to an EPS, employers must continue to contribute to EsSalud. The contribution is equivalent to 6.75% of the employee’s monthly income to EsSalud and 2.25% to the EPS.

However, the EPS only provides certain services, covering common and less complex issues (e.g. minor medical problems) while the more complex services are still provided by EsSalud (e.g. surgery and transplants).

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Author: Estudio Olaechea

Date: April 2020

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