National minimum wage in detail

There is a minimum wage in China, the amount of which varies according to the requirements of different local regulations. The minimum wage does not have to be paid through basic salary only, but the following are explicitly excluded from the minimum wage:

  • overtime;

  • allowances for work in special environments and conditions, such as rotating shifts, night shifts and work in high temperatures;

  • statutory benefits (i.e. social insurance and the public housing fund).

For example, in Shanghai, the current minimum wage rates are:

Rate  From April 2019 (RMB)

Minimum monthly rate

(applicable to full-time employees)


Minimum hourly rate

(applicable to part-time employees)


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Author: Fangda Partners

Date: April 2020

Note: For specific advice on any particular issue, please consult the relevant firm. The law is stated as at March 2019.