National minimum wage in detail

The Government sets and revises the minimum wage each year by Government Decree. For 2019, starting from 1 January 2019, the statutory minimum wage for full-time employees (working eight hours a day, 40 hours a week) is the following: for unskilled labour: HUF 149,000 (EUR 469.58) per month; HUF 34,260 (EUR 107.97) per week; HUF 6,860 (EUR 21.62) per day; and HUF 857 (EUR 2.70) per hour. For skilled labour (work that requires at least a secondary school education): HUF 195,000 (EUR 614.55) per month; HUF 44,830 (EUR 141.28) per week; HUF 8,970 (EUR 28.27) per day; and HUF 1,121 (EUR 3.53) per hour.

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Author: CLV Partners

Date: March 2019

Note: For specific advice on any particular issue, please consult the relevant firm. The law is stated as at March 2019.


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