National minimum wage in detail

To date there is no national minimum wage in Italy. Employees are entitled to receive a wage commensurate with the quality and quantity of their work and one that is sufficient to guarantee a decent lifestyle for themselves and their family (Article 36, Italian Constitution). When deciding on minimum levels of pay, the courts often consider the minimum salary set out in the national collective bargaining agreements for the relevant sectors, even if the employer does not apply them. Although there is no statutory minimum wage at present, an example of a low wage is the minimum monthly wage provided for the lowest level (blue collar) under the national collective bargaining agreement for the metalworkers’ sector (blue collar, 1st category), which is EUR 1,525, including, in addition to 13 monthly installments, the monthly portion of the severance payment (Trattamento di fine rapport, TFR), which is 7.4% of each monthly gross salary.

Note that we have chosen this rate for the chart even though it provides one of the lowest rates among the various collective bargaining agreements for the main sectors, because we feel it is representative, given that it covers large numbers of workers.

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Author: Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci

Date: March 2019

Note: For specific advice on any particular issue, please consult the relevant firm. The law is stated as at March 2019.


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