National minimum wage in detail

There is no general minimum wage set by Swiss Federal law. However, recently the cantons of Neuchâtel and Jura have decreed a general minimum salary of CHF 20 per hour, and the canton of Tessin has decided to gradually introduce a minimum salary of between CHF 19.75 and CHF 20.25 over the next few years. Other cantons may follow.

Pay is otherwise governed by the principle of contractual freedom. The employee will be paid what is agreed between the parties and this will generally justify the differences in salary between employees. Certain rules may however restrict the parties’ freedom to agree as they choose, such as the principle that prohibits discrimination based on gender. In addition, collective bargaining agreements and standard employment contracts usually set mandatory minimum wages. 

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Author: Blesi & Papa (DE)

Date: April 2020

Note: For specific advice on any particular issue, please consult the relevant firm. The law is stated as at March 2019.